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Living Water

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Dr. Masaru Emoto’s
Living Water

Dr Masaru Emoto (Japan)

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s (Japan) studies of water indicates that water energised by Scalar Energy turns stagnant “dead water” into “living water” crystals with energy.

The human body consists of 65%-75% water and the human brain is made up of 90% water. Half of the water in our body is found within our body cells. Scalar Energy helps break normal water formation (13-15 molecules) into smaller microclusters (3-5 molecules). These smaller molecules are easily absorbed into our body cells, which in turn helps:

  • Detoxification through bowel movement, urination and sweat
  • Facilitates the passage of nutrients within the body
  • Eases blood flow and helps in the removal of blood clots
  • Reduces cellular inflammation
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Unblocks & restores energy in cells that has become weak
  • Helps to maintain the pH of the body fluids (slightly alkaline pH)

Dead Water

Living Water

"Dead Water" Crystal

"Living Water" Crystal


FusionExcel’s Quantum Pendant is created from technically engineered natural mineral particles which are specifically graded to isolate certain sized particles, targeted for their inherent resonance. The particles are then recombined using Nano Fusion technology in specific ratios, fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level by using several high heat fusion methods.

The combination of the minerals and the fusion techniques produces a catalytic conversion of energy, developing a long lasting natural scalar resonance which has the ability to be transferred to any liquid, renewing the natural nano molecular structure.

The renewed molecular structure is similar to those found in healthy natural spring water. Like fruit and vegetables the body slowly loses its nano molecular structure, as we age the cells have less ability to absorb liquid, the cell can be re-hydrated at a molecular level to provide energy liquid, using the Quantum Pendant.

Fusion Excel’s Quantum Pendants are none magnetic, not electrical and require no maintenance. They emit a scalar energy filed including the essential k40 resonance; they are inert and are not radioactive.

** Placing a Fusion Excel Quantum Product under or beside a cup, glass or water bottle (plastic, glass or metal) for 30 seconds, will energise the liquid making it smoother and “tastier”.


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