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What can Scalar Energy do for You?

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Energise your whole boody What Scalar Energy can do for you

Healing with FusionExcel Scalar Energy

1) For General Health, Body and Backaches
  wear or place the Product in your pants/shirt pocket or purse for 24 hours a day and drink lots of energised water.

For Headaches and Other minor body aches


place the product on the affected area for 10 minutes and drink plenty of energised water.


For minor pain

  spray energised water on the affected area as required, place the product on the area of pain for 10 minutes.

For cuts and open wounds


clean the wound with energised water and spray energised water as required on the wound, place the product on the affect area to help in the healing.

5) For minor skin problem
  place the product in a water proof bag and into a pail, fill the pail with water. Let the Pendant energise the water for 30 minutes before using it to wash or shower.


Problems faced while using Scalar Energy Products for the first time
(What is “The Healing Crisis” – Cleansing Reaction)

If you feel uncomfortable when you first wear the product.
Action: Remove the product until the discomfort is gone, then try again. The discomfort should subside in time.


If you feel dizzy when you first wear the product.
Action: Remove the product until the discomfort is gone. Keep wearing the product drinking lots of energised water. The dizziness will go away and you will feel more refreshed.
If you have a sleeping problem you may find it difficult to sleep while wearing the product for the first time.
Action: Remove the product and wear it only during the day. Drink lots of energised water. After a week, wear the product to sleep, you will find an improvement of sleep and waking up feeling more energised.
You may purge, urinate or sweat more while wearing the pendant during the first few days
Action: Keep wearing the product but drink lots of energised water. After sometime, the symptom will be replaced with a general health and wellness improvement.


You may feel more painful on the wound after using the product.
Action: Keep wearing the product but drink lots of energised water. Pain will disappear in 1-2 days.

NOTE: For the Elderly and Weak
Do not immediately wear the product for long periods of time.
Start off by wearing the product for 2 to 4 hours in the morning, drinking lots of Energised water, extend the period as the body gets accustom to the Energy produced by the product.

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